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House of Dreams Let's not be naive; You won't fit a globe in the palm of your hand, and please don't confuse the weeds in your dirt for a garden of bountiful land. The the breeze that carries the waves, also carries the seeds, but the streams in your poison veins cannot flourish a thing. Such a fool, that you believed you'd truly build a house out of dreams.

Shaitan One day I found your name beneath my every written word. Do you really think I knew what I was getting myself into? Finally, I found someone worthy, or was I the worthy one? I do not remember putting these chains on, and each time I have broken them, they've returned in the dawn. Why am I at peace with the war you've started in my heart? I'd rather drown in your storm than simply love you from afar.

The Bias of Size We imagine that nothing has value or purpose that doesn't live breathe, strive on its own, and exists only to be consumed by those that do, but I find myself wondering if our minds are just too small to see how big the grains of sand on the table really are before we wipe them off.

Untitled The whole world at your fingertips; The World Is Not Enough. Weep for no more lands to conquer, Weep, because you're tough. Oh Alexander, Alexander, wherefore art thou worn? The fairest of thy fallacies are of vainglory born.

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